Nye Produksjoner

Sånn er det, og sånn er Jeg - Sesong 2

My favorite War

Ti nye episoder er nå i produksjon - ti barn fra hele Norge - Sesong 2 blir ferdig før jul 2012.

De ti første episodene er nominert til priser for barne-TV produksjoner og ligger på NRK Nett-TV.

My Favorite War er en animert dokumentarfilm for kino og tv.

En liten jentes erkjennelse av krigens grusomme vesen gjennom hennes oppvekst

i Latvia under den kalde krigen.

Dette er Ilze Burkovska Jacobsens egen historie. Filmen utvikles i nært samarbeid med

Svein Nyhus. Hans tegninger og illustrasjoner vil danne grunnlaget for animasjonene.

Filmen er nå under utvikling med støtte fra EU´s MEDIA program og

Norsk Filminstitutt. Bivrost film&tv as samarbeider med co-produsenter i Tyskland og Latvia

på dette prosjektet: Balance film og Ego Media.

Ferdigstilling av forprosjektet skjer våren 2013.

My Favorite War - an animated Documentary                                                      

Synopsis by Ilze Burkovska Jacobsen

Drawings by Svein Nyhus

"My Favorite War" is an anti-war movie. The course of the film will follow the development of a child's understanding of the world - psychologically, historically and geographically.

The starting point in the film is my personal relationship to World War II from the time I grew up in Latvia, in the Soviet Union. For the communist ruled Soviet it was important that the population admired World War II, because then people didn't question the harsh lives they lived.

The film will mirror two time frames - one is from the time I was born and grew up,

the other is during the actual years of the war, which I did not experience, but which was alive through the adults' stories - in the family, at school, and otherwise in public.

The film takes the point of view of the civilian population in war zones - exposed and powerless.

As a child I loved this heroic war presented in a funny way for the children through the TV. The film follows an animated version of me growing up, starting to doubt the official stories about our past.

During all wars it’s the civilians who loose their homes, land and dignity, if not also their lives. In my family’s case the Soviets and Germans were equally mean.

The film will tell a story from a double occupied territory, in Kurland, in Western Latvia».

"First they take your words, then your voice. Finally, they take your breath".

The 8th. of May 1945 Germany actually signed the capitulation in two places – in Berlin and in the small village of  Ezere in Latvia, close to where I lived. This western part of Latvia was never liberated from the German army until the end of the war.

How can you learn what the truth is when your family is afraid of the KGB?

How do you know what is freedom if the liberator lies to you?

And when the liberator is actually an occupant too, do you have a voice

in the world, since “the winners should not be judged”?

The War never ends in our nightmares. I dug up a German soldier’s skeleton in a

sand box near my house when I was seven. Then I started to ask questions to

the adults in my family. My understanding of the reasons for lies from the state,

and the concealment in my family about the war, is for me the starting point of

becoming an adult. The cold war brought down the Soviet Union.

The war in Courland was in for me only over when the cold war was over.

The movie ends when the only war I experienced ended - The cold war.

War is not about heroes or romance. The true story is suffering civilians squeezed between two powers, creating scars that last for generations. This story is important to always remember.  My heroes are the farmer people who survived the war in the

Courland Pocket. My war is about owning your own breath, getting your

voice back, and the right to speak your own words.

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